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Re: filmscanners: Adobe Elements

I wasn't aware that Mac users needed a simple, introductory  graphics 
package. There are a ton of imaging software programs for the Mac, 
and many of them are Mac only. Take Graphic Converter, as but one 
example of Mac only imaging software. http://www.lemkesoft.com

Programs to analyze gamuts, management of ICC profiles, and all sorts 
of color management tools are - for the most part - initially only on 
Mac platforms. And this is largely because Microsoft has - for the 
most part - neglected color management, and its implications. Their 
focus has been elsewhere. Adobe gets around this by programming their 
own color management into PS - - to boost the nascent Windows 
offering. I'm sure for additional programming cost.

Adobe is firmly dedicated to the Mac platform; all Adobe products 
will become "carbonized" by late summer, meaning available to OS X, 
as well as OS 9.1. In addition, the new Photoshop V7. will contain 
features which will not be available on Windows until at least 6 
months later. All of this has been revealed to the public. 
Incidentally, the upcoming release of Microsoft Office for (Mac) OS X 
will also have features not available on Windows immediately. I 
suspect in this case it is because of MS's upcoming release of 
"Windows X" which will permit "competitive" features. Not that there 
aren't enough features in Office already.

Windows people are only beginning to become involved - as a 
mainstream - in image manipulation. Need something simple to start 
with, perhaps something simpler than Photoshop LE. But this is good, 
because the public in general will acquire imaging knowledge that Mac 
people have had for some time. Now, if we could only get repro houses 
in the UK educated on CM  - -

Suspect that Adobe's marketing research had found this, and their 
reason for dedicating the below to Windows only.

In the entire imaging, multi-media, graphics industry, I don't feel 
neglected using a Mac.

If you are doing CAD work in engineering, then it is a different 
story. But not in the above industries.

>On Wed, 28 Mar 2001 00:08:23 -0600, Maris V. Lidaka, Sr. wrote:
>>For those interested, per CNET:
>>"Adobe recently released Photoshop Elements, a new image editor that
>>combines power with simplicity into a single, low-cost graphics package. Try
>>it out here:
>One more Windows only application...
>Macintosh users have made Adobe's reputation but they are now treated as
>second class clients. I know what I'm talking about as I'm a Photoshop
>power user since v.2 now working with a buggy 6.0 version...
>Have a good day!
>Raymond Carles


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