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Re: filmscanners: Digital Film Output

Tony writes:

> I have 3 [clients] with whom this is an ongoing problem, and two are far
too mean - they just say 'give us machine prints'. The third says 'give us
the negs and we'll get hand prints done'. Neither way produces what I think
the pic
should look like:(

Speaking from what used-to-be a "Client's" position, Tony, I'd say that
you're doing almost everything right. Give the client hard copy and say,
"This is what it's going to look like." Then give the repro-house the same
hard-copy and say, "This is what it's going to look like. Any Questions?"

It will probably take a bit of standing shoulder-to-shoulder in the
pressroom--with you, the pressman, the repro rep or sales guy, and jr.editor
or AD, all looking at the same things under a Macbeth light, to resolve it
(been there, done that). But once you have done it once, you'll hopefully
have built up everyone's confidence in the fact that you know what you're
doing. That in itself is worth a lot.

Unfortunately, you can't bill for that time you spend to prove your point.
But if you have a happy client, you'll get more work in all cases except
from the ones you wouldn't want to work for, anyway (consider it
"advertising expense" and bill it against your taxes if you can). It's part
of the "Cost of Doing Business," as will be the cost of a pint for everyone
involved, after the job comes out the way you insisted that it would. :-)

That's my two pence, and it's worked for me.

Best regards--LRA

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