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filmscanners: Re: Canon FS2710 vs Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II

At 11:34 AM +0100 3/28/01, Robert Logan wrote:
>  > I have found using Vuescan with the Canoscan does wonders. Even basic scans
>>  come out with less noise. Do a multi passes or the long exposure pass gives
>>  me great scans - adding shadow detail and getting rid of shadow noise.
>I have to agree - showed a mate the difference between Vuescan and CanoScan
>last night on one of his 'difficult' negs and he wept with joy (ummm). He
>spent about 2 hours with Photoshop trying to get a result to no effect.
>A bit more difficult to use, but a whole lot more effective.

        I also agree - I've been using VueScan with my Canon FS2710 
for almost a year, and for the most part it is great.
        My original question was how does the Canon compare to the 
Minolta. Presumably if the Minolta is basically better than the 
Canon, it will be better under VueScan as well. I made the comment 
about noise on the Canon as a point of comparison.

Thanks for the replies,
Roger Smith


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