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Re: filmscanners: scanning/photoshop workstation (long)

I'm going to give it about 2 years to disgorge its bugs and
then it may be fit for use. Microsoft's releases are akin to
good wine, generally they benefit by being aged.

At 11:17 PM 3/27/01 -0600, James L. Sims wrote:

>Dave King wrote:
> >
> > Vat is dis vindows XP?
>I'm a little slow on the uptake, Dave but XP is what has been call
>"Windows Whistler" in its beta form. It will be released sometime in the
>latter half of this year.  Microsoft says it's the first major development
>since Windows 95 and is based on the Win 2K kernel.
>It has a few innovations that I believe will make life a great deal better
>for a good many of us.  Peer to peer communications, improved device
>interface, and better memory management, to name a few.  Just hope it's
>not all Internet user friendly with frills for sending the kid's photos to
>grandma.  I think getting away from the old VXD drivers and using the WDM
>(Windows Drive Managed) architecture is a definite plus
>Microsoft's Windows XP home page is at:
> >
> >
> > Dave


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