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Re: filmscanners: OT-ish Epson 1270, was Repro house..

Rob Geraghty wrote:

> "Arthur Entlich" <artistic@ampsc.com> wrote:
>> Glossy Photo Paper and Photo Glossy Paper.  Although the difference is
>> not huge, the glossy film did provide better detail and deeper, less
>> posterized, color.  (the samples were printed with Photo 700/750 models).
> I'll have to try it again on the 1160.  I wasn't impressed with it on the
> 700.
> My experience was that it lost shadow detail.
> Rob
Getting the proper ink density on the glossy is critical.  It takes some 
careful tweaking to get it correct.  You need to slightly raise the 
black point while not changing mid-tones, or remove a small amount of 
black from shadow regions.  The whole thing with the glossy film is that 
the substrate cannot accept any ink, unlike most of the other papers. 
There is nowhere for excess ink to go, so all the ink is visible on the 
top of the film.  If it pools at all in the shadows it muddies up the 
whole area.  This is why the Epson drivers reduce dot size and ink 
density automatically.  Epson Glossy Film is a bit like photo 
transparency film, it is very unforgiving anything but perfect 
"exposure", but like transparency film, if you get it "right" it looks 
great.  Unfortunately, being one of Epson's most expensive media, it's 
had to play around with it.



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