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Re: filmscanners: Re: Scanning dpi and epson papers

Mark T. wrote:

> At 07:54 PM 27/03/01 +1200, Colin wrote:
>> Rob, why aren't you using Celcast paper? We find it pretty good here,
> albeit more expensive than Epson.
> I've tried Celcast glossy *once* on an Epson 640, and it was useless - the
> inks 'beaded' on the surface.  Maybe it's just the 640's inks, but I won't
> use the stuff.

Epson changes their inks as often as most change underwear ;-), and it 
is a real problem.  Nearly every new model is a new ink formulation.  I 
appreciate they are working toward some sort of perfection, but it makes 
it nearly impossible for 3rd party companies to make papers that work 
with more or all Epson printers.

> And Art wrote:
>> Wilhelm does have some discussion of HP's wide carriage inks on his charts.
> Is there another Wilhelm?  I've visited www.wilhelm-research.com many times
> recently (and again just then) and there is still no 'update'..  they just
> keep changing the date!

Admittedly, haven't visited the sight recently.  I usually link through 
one of the graphics mags or tss (The stock source), and they may have 
somewhat different urls they use.  Then again, maybe Wilhelm is wanting 
to be paid for his research, so maybe he is no longer providing updates 
free to the public???


> Mark T.


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