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filmscanners: New Version of Epson PGPP and a Special Handling Notice frominkjetart.com

I found the following on the inkjetart.com website. This vendor 
indicates that it has received only 8.5x11 in. paper in the 3rd 
version thus far.

>Special Handling Notice When Using
>Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper 
>UPDATE January 7, 2001: The 3rd Version of PGPP has arrived. 
>We have it available in letter size only at this time. It can be 
>identified with a white sticker-label in the top-right corner that 
>says: "Manufactured December 2000". Currently, our larger sizes of 
>PGPP do not have this label, and appear to still be the 1st version.
>CONTINUED PRECAUTIONS: Despite this new and improved 3rd Version, 
>Epson still suggests that for best results and longer fade 
>resistance, users follow the advice below:

> The Following is from Epson's "Taking Care of Your Photographs" 
> >   As with traditional photos, proper care will minimize color 
> >   changes and maximize display life. For indoor display, Epson 
> >   recommends that prints be framed under glass or placed in a 
> >   plastic sleeve to protect the prints from atmospheric contaminants 
> >   like humidity, cigarette smoke, and high levels of ozone. 
> >   And, as with all photographs, the prints should be kept out 
> >   of direct sunlight. For proper storage, Epson recommends that 
> >   your prints be stored in a photo album (or plastic photo storage 
> >   box) in acid free, archival sleeves commonly available from most 
> >   camera shops and other retailers.

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