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Re: filmscanners: Color saturation with Vuescan

I have had no problem with the orange mask... I guess either the minolta 
strips it it when making the scan (as a 16 bit linear negative scan) or PShop 
it on invert...

Mike M.

Jim Sharp wrote:

> Michael
> I will try this and see how it works for me. Is it much of a problem
> getting rid of the orange mask from the negative?
> It also appears I need to buy some books...
> --
> Jim
> Michael Moore wrote:
> >
> > Jim: I have a Minolta Scan Elite which I use for scanning color negs... I
> > don't use VueScan, just the Minolta software, but the way I take my scans
> > into PShop is the key to my success... I had the same problem with
> > apparently flat scans as well, until I started to scan the neg directly into
> > PShop as a linear file, this means that your scan software does not make the
> > reversal to give you a positive image... what you want is to have the full
> > blown neg with all its info come directly via TWAIN in PShop... you then do
> > an Image>Adjust>Invert, which will give you a positive image... the ones I
> > get at this stage are all too bright and apparently flat, but when I go to
> > Inage>Adjust>Levels and adjust the sliders, or as I recently discovered, use
> > the droppers to set my white, black and mid points, the picture pops almost
> > magically into adjustment... A good book on all this is Photoshop 5 & 5.5
> > for Photographers by Barry Haynes and Wendy Crumpler, published by New
> > Riders. Costs about $55 (less at Amazon) It explains from a photographers
> > point of view how to use PShop and has good coverage on color calibration
> > and scanning as well as using Levels and Curves. Good Luck, hope this helps.
> >
> > Mike M.


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