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RE: filmscanners: scanning/photoshop workstation (long)

Paul wrote--

>I've been researching for months about getting a medium format workstation
for my scanning work...

>Basically the new 4000 dpi m/f scanners will output such large files that
handling them demands a new ball game in desktop systems: files of 500 to
700 Mb will be common at 4000 dpi, (in 16bit), and no doubt 6000 dpi will
come along soon for 35mm. If you do 5x4" - god help you.

Paul, this isn't exactly my territory but I do have a suggestion that you
might not have considered if you're limiting your search to Mac and PC
platforms: Check out the smaller Sun Micro workstations. They're pricey up
front, but once you've added all the memory and stuff to a Mac or PC, they
become much more cost-competitive (or at least did when I was looking, some
years ago). They're something of a "standard" in heavy-traffic parts of the
CG community (word of caution--the software is somewhat limited to
proprietary stuff, last I knew).

Just a thought, and it doesn't cost anything but time to look.

Best regards--LRA

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