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Re: filmscanners: Re:grain

Tony Sleep wrote:

> Yup. I once threw away 5L of very expensive Photoflo 600 (enough to make 
> of bubbly water). Photoflo smears unless used at a much lower dilution than 
> recommended. But my 5L had been exposed to low temps, and was full of 
> crystalline crud. To be fair to Kodak, ISTR the label did warn not to store 
> <50degF.

Often chemicals like this, especially if they are fairly non-toxic, can 
safely be "reintegrated" by simply using a warm to hot water bath which 
you place the bottle into.  Often the lower temperature causes some 
component to fall out of solution (crystallize), and can be redissolved 
with a bit of warmth.  Remember to remove the cap to allow for expansion 
of the liquid and air.

Obviously, some formulations will not reformulate correctly, or may have 
changed properties, but it is sometimes worth trying.

Lastly, are you the guy responsible for all the foam found on the lakes 
and rivers of England?



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