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Re: filmscanners: Colormatch RGB

On Mon, 26 Mar 2001 12:31:44 +1000  Rob Geraghty (harper@wordweb.com) wrote:

> While scanning various colour negatives using Vuescan, I became frustrated
> by the lack of colour saturation when using Adobe RGB and (believe it or
> not) sRGB as the colour space.  I found that if I scan using Colormatch
> RGB then open the file in Photoshop *without* doing a profile conversion
> (and yes, I know this is "against the rules"), the colours end up much closer
> to the correct saturation and requires a lot less mucking around.  My only
> frustration with this is that reds seem to behave strangely.  Any area of
> pure red seems to become far too saturated, and it's very difficult to bring
> this back into line without mucking up all the other colours.  Any bright
> red tends to end up looking like a cherry red (slightly bluish, not 
> and way out of balance with the rest of the image.

What scanner is this? I use Colormatch as standard, scanning to 16bit in VS, 
and then usually having to increase saturation a fair bit in PS. No problems 
with reds which aren't already in the film - Fuji emulsions have a generic bias 
toward strong reds IME - with a Polaroid 4000.

However if you are loading a Colormatch-tagged scan into <some other> working 
space without doing a conversion, then any amount of weird stuff may happen. 
What happens if you set PS to use Colormatch?

Colourmatch is not much wider than sRGB, but AIUI is the best fit for 
conversion to CMYK for repro, which is why I use it.


Tony Sleep
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