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Re: filmscanners: Colormatch RGB

"shAf" <michael@shaffer.net> wrote:
> How can we comment when you even admit you load ColormatchRGB data
> "against the rules"??

Doesn't stop anyone from commenting. :)

> BTW ... you say you bring your VS scan into PS
> w/o conversion, but you don't say which RGB space you bring it into
> ... AdobeRGB?

Yes, sorry, I should have mentioned that.  At least, Adobe RGB is the
default colour space in PS, so I presume that if I load a Colormatch
RGB file without conversion, it is forced into Adobe RGB in a less
than predictable way.

> The maverick behaviour and unpredictability of reds is
> most likely due to ColormatchRGB being edited in some other color
> space, ans we cannot comment 'less we know which.  But I'll probably
> still reccommend you "play by the rules".

Doubtless it makes sense.  One of the things I was wondering about was
why use Colormatch RGB at all rather than Adobe RGB?

> undersaturated.  I believe this is a good thing ... primarily because
> you can depend on all your RGB data being editable.

OK.  This makes good sense and I can understand it.  So it probably
makes good sense to scan a master copy and leave it undersaturated,
and have a working copy which you tune to the desired result.

> Photoshop and create what I subjectively want there.  But, and to get
> back to your question, I "play by the rules", and I believe if you did
> too, you'd at least be able to edit your reds.

I'll try setting Colormatch RGB to be the default in PS and see if that
makes the reds behave any differently - I don't think it will.  The
combination of vuescan output from an LS30 using Colormatch RGB
just seems to do something strange to bright reds.

Thanks for the comments!



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