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Re: filmscanners: Repro house skirmishing (long)

On Sat, 24 Mar 2001 11:36:55 -0500  Gordon Tassi (gtassi@erols.com) wrote:

>  Rather than fight the
> repro house, I would suggest you use the Noritsu place to get the print from 
> disk.  However, I would try to work a deal with the lab to allow you to run 
> on your disk to be able to determine the tweaks necessary to get the prints 
the way
> you want them to be.  You may have to give them disks that have different 
> and contrasts, etc. from what you would use if you were going to print them 
on your
> own printer.  This way you would have a "methodology" that would provide the
> optimal Noritsu print.

I gave them a profiled 60Mb TIFF and what I got back was very good and very 
close to the screen image, with no tweaking required at all. Colour purity, 
density and sharpness were all perfectly fine for repro, and I would have been 
very happy with it apart from this unfortunate tendency to posterise pale 
graduated tones. Not nice on skin tones, which are a major consideration for 
me. I discussed this with the lab, and they looked crestfallen and said it's a 
disappointing limitation of this particular Noritsu machine which they are not 
very happy about, since it just cost them 10K GBP. They were hoping for better.

They do Kodak dye-sub as well, which shows no posterisation but trashes image 
sharpness, and isn't as accurate WRT colour.

There must be a more evolved output process out there somewhere, but I haven't 
found it yet. I think I am very picky : even horribly expensive Iris prints 
I've seen have been a big disappointment when I've looked closely, inferior to 
a 300GBP Epson in most respects. 


Tony Sleep
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