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RE: filmscanners: VueScan, Insight, Epson (David H.) take note)

I on the other hand find that VueScan produces much better results than
Insight 5.0 with virtually no twiddling at all.

Frank Paris

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> Sent: Friday, March 23, 2001 1:21 PM
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> Subject: filmscanners: VueScan, Insight, Epson (David H.) take note)
> It appears most folks on this list use Vuescan but for me it was
> a waste of
> money. I found it awkward to use and slow. I am using Insight 5.0
> with SS4k
> and really like it. Fast preview scans, previews of all images in the
> holder, real time updates of any image adjustments, (which are
> good on final
> scan to PS 6.01), a histogram, choice of color space, able to scan at
> resolution and size of my choice (VueScan has limited options for scan
> resolutions, I only need 72 dpi if I'm scanning for the web, not
> 500). Also
> of interest (to me anyway) was the quality of scans I got from my
> new 1640SU
> using the simplistic push -button SW. The scans from the Epson twain are
> very good with almost perfect match into PS. Initially I used the USB port
> for the 1640 and scanned an 8x10 at 300 a number of times: the
> time into PS
> averaged 47 seconds, I then hooked-up to the scsci card and times now
> averaged 25 seconds. That surprised me, didn't think there was that much
> difference. I now have the SS4K, the 1640, an Expression 636 (now used for
> contact sheets) and a Zip on the scsi line, no problems at all.
> Whew. I have
> Silverfast 5 for the old Epson and the SS4K but don't use it. BTW, VueScan
> doesn't work with the 1640 on scsi, all I get is a thin line across the
> preview window (fast scan though, about 1/2 sec.).
> Regards to all, Bud
> PS. Probably should have taken the time to learn the ins and outs
> of Vuescan
> but, well, you know how it is.


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