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Re: filmscanners: SCSI to 1394/fire wire?

Yes there are. This is but one example of a (Mac) PCI slot card which 
features SCSI (to 40MBytes/s) and 1394 (up to 400MBits/s, or 50 
MBytes/s) so you can connect either a Firewire (1394) scanner - like 
the new Nikon LS4000, or your older SCSI scanner. Or both!

This particular card is rather interesting because it also supports 
Ultra wide SCSI drives, Edit DV, and RAID.

There are others, including a 1394 to SCSI connector. As far as I 
know there are no connectors which convert SCSI (in) to 1394 (out). 
But there is the reverse. You would think that Nikon might want to 
build such as device, however.

USB is currently too slow, in its current ramification. USB2 will be 
faster. Firewire is currently 400 MBits/S, will go to 800 MBits/S 
2001, and >1GHz the year after. So you can see why video/media 
hardware companies are moving this way.

But a card like that above places a lot of versatility on your computer.

>About to buy a new PC, I am wondering if there is an adapter to connect my
>Nikon LS2000 SCSI (and flatbed) to a 1394 port.
>I am currently using an Adaptec 1940 AU SCSI card.
>I have contacted Adaptec and am waiting for an answer.
>May be some other manufacturers out there - which are hiding from my web
>(Note : Adaptec USBXchange would be way too slow.)
>Francoise Frigola
>Fine Art Gallery, sculpture aepsoriginal giclee prints:


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