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Re: filmscanners: To clean/wash old negatives on glass ?

Hi all.
Having cleaned off the emulsion on an old glass plate because I was not
paying attention to what I was doing I can heartily reccomend doing
nothing at all to the items you have .
First thing would be to print them and or scan them.
If you have one which is of no value then have a try at cleaning that
and see what happens.
Emulsion ,especially old emulsion is very fragile and even the lightest
touch on a wet ,soft surface will leave a mark,effectivly damaging it.
I would suggest that the time spent retouching on the computer would
probably be shorter than that spent trying to clean the original and you
will always have the original to go back to !
Drying marks on the original can not be removed by any means other than
retouching as they are physical damage inflicted by poor drying
 Regards and good luck
Michael Wilkinson. 106 Holyhead Road,Ketley, Telford.Shropshire TF 15 DJ
  michael@infocus-photography.co.uk      www.infocus-photography.co.uk
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