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Re: filmscanners: Digital ICE 3

on 2/21/01 10:20 AM, Rick Berk at rick@rickberk.com wrote:

> Hi All-
> I'm in the market to upgrade my scanner.  I would like one with USB
> connectivity.  A friend recommended I look at the Kodak RFS 3600. B&H Photo
> lists it for $1100.  Does anyone have any opinions on this scanner? Worth
> the money? Or would I be better off waiting for the Nikon Coolscan IV at
> $200 cheaper? I have searched all over the web, and can't find any reviews
> for the Kodak.  Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
> Rick Berk

The Kodak has gotten mixed reviews, although there are a few on this list
that seem to be happy with it.  I lost track of the one magazine review that
I read, which was rather negative regarding the scanner's software, in

I almost bought it, but after hearing one more negative review on it, I
chickened out and bought the Minolta Scan Dual II, which saved me $670 based
on then current B&H prices.  Now I can afford to get a second monitor.  I am
happy with the Minolta, but have not yet tried to make anything larger than
8x10.  The software is easy to use, and I am having fun making prints on
various papers on my Epson 1160.

After a year or so, I will reassess my needs, and the new generation of more
expensive scanners will have had a chance to get debugged somewhat by then.



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