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filmscanners: firsttime vuescan user


i use an ls-2000 (got one of the first ones when they became available) and
have been struggling with nikon scan since.  i recently decided to give
vuescan a try, after hearing so many good things about it.  my first scan
attempt was very promising and so i went and registered the software.

i'm running into all sorts of problems.
1. i'm constantly getting out of focus problems, especially when scanning
multiple times per line.  i can hear the scanner working and it's not doing
the grinding pre-scan focus thing.  i definitely have the focus setting
right (it's set to always focus).  when i reset options to default and
rescan the image it's in focus again.  i have yet to determine what
combinaton of options breaks the focus.

2. i made a scan of a tricky portra 160nc frame using nikon scan, and then
using vuescan.  both programs were set to do 4 passes, no ICE, at 2700dpi.
the nikon scan scan shows all the highlights of the original frame, but the
vuescan version shows noise in the shadows and fails to capture a bright
highlight in one part of the frame.  i examined viewscan's raw scan using
photoshop and sure enough the noise is there.

3. auto-cropping is black magic to me.  sometimes it's on, sometimes it
misses causing the exposure to be totally wrong.  is this normal?

i am currently on the road and unable to provide example, should they become
necessary i will post some.  but i have a feeling that i'm simply missing
something simple.

so what i was wondering is this: would anyone on the list using the LS-2000
with vuescan give me some pointers on what settings to use for scanning
slides and print film at 2700dpi?  i'm interested in quality not time of

(i have successfully figured out how to use vuescan with the batch feeder
for raw scans, although the raw scans themselves seem not as good as those
done with nikon scan).


j u l e s @ p o p m o n k e y . c o m


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