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Re: filmscanners: storage

On Thu, 15 Feb 2001 09:42:27 -0700  Michael Moore (miguelmas@qwest.net) wrote:

> In regard tp speed of the burn, it is my understanding that it is best to use 
> slow burn speed (2x) as opposed to the higher speeds if one wants to minimize
> potential read errors on client's computers...any comments?

I still use the original Ricoh RO-1420C SCSI CDR I bought 5 years ago, 
originally in a 486, and a mere 2x write speed. Used with Gear s/w from 
Elektroson which has some clever buffering arrangements but a Martian UI, it 
has never produced a single coaster on any brand CDR. This is on a dogsbody PC 
Celeron400 with 128Mb which also does duty as a POP3 proxy server, DNS proxy, 
DAT backup and fax and print server for the rest of the LAN.

Unless I have done something dumb to disrupt it, it always works. The usual 
error is me forgetting to cancel a scheduled DAT backup which kicks off halfway 
thru the burn - it doesn't like that. Incoming faxes, text editing etc are no 
problem. Disks are EIDE. I don't even bother with a verify, just index the disk 
with Portfolio. Never had a client report read problems either.

If I use Adaptec S/w (latest here is v3.5 I think) the slightest trace of a 
system glitch produces coasters. My success rate falls to about 25% instead of 

One day when Santa is nice to me I'll get a new SCSI Plextor with burn-proof.


Tony Sleep
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