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Re: filmscanners: storage

On Fri, 16 Feb 2001, Arthur Entlich wrote:

> All very good and helpful info.  I just wish the CD-R manufacturers 
> would have been honest about this from the beginning.  They give a false 
> sense of the ease of writing, and speed.  That 8 minute full burn now 
> requires, recording to the hard drive first (4-8 minutes), then shutting 
> off all "TSR" type programs running the the background, then burning 
> without moving your mouse (let alone anything else), then deleting the 
> hard drive copy, and then rebooting your system to re-engage the "TSR"s.

I don't do any of that stuff.  I can just start the burn and go on reading
my email, using the web, Microsoft Word, etc.  That's never caused a

I haven't tried burning while simultaneously playing MP3s -- I suspect
that that would tax the CPU so much that it could interfere with even a
low-CPU usage like CD burning.

I'm running a 64M (I think) Pentium II with a two-year-old HP CDRW.

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