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RE: filmscanners: GEM, ROC compared to Vuescan

Bob writes ...

> >> But ONLY if [vuescan] doesn't soften my image as much as your
> >> samples indicate..
> >
> >I think most of the softening is the dust removal algorithms at
> >higher settings, but it's hard to know. Only separating the
> >features would make it possible to tell.
> >
> >Rob
> One could go back and try dust removal using Vuescan 6.5
> (or some release before 6.6, which is when the film grain
> reduction was added to vuescan).

        Some of the posts to this thread seem to be confused as to what is
"softening" the image.  It is NOT Vuescan's "dust removal" algorithm
... it IS the "grain reduction" algorithm which Ed has added to
"scrub" and "scour".  My impression is any qualifier (weak - strong)
for "dust removal" no longer exists  (... altho I don't know how Ed
applies this to non-IR scanners ...), ... but there are 2 degrees of
grain reduction.
        Selecting "dust removal" without "grain reduction" is done by
selecting "clean", altho there is no method of selecting "grain
reduction" w/o "dust removal".

shAf  :o)


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