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Re: filmscanners: Beginner's question on which scanner to chose

Not an expert, but I'd like to answer that the LS-30 does have a couple of things going for it, vis-a-vis the Canon and Minolta. Digital Ice requires a 4th channel, infrared, for it to function effectively. Both Nikon scanners have this, as does the Minolta Elite. The IR channel also serves the cleaning function in Vuescan. The 'clean' mode is a MAJOR asset, unless the user is unusually successful in keeping dust and scratches off the film.
Another advantage of the Nikons is the LED light source. If nothing else, one would expect an LED to have a much longer life span than the other scanners' lights, and since these are 'proprietary' elements, for which the company can freely charge almost anything they want, one might expect that the first lamp failure will eat up a good deal of the cost difference.

At 09:30 AM 02/12/2001 -0500, you wrote:
In a message dated 02/11/2001 10:22:30 PM Eastern Standard Time,
artistic@ampsc.com writes:

<< Vuescan only costs $40 US.  The LS-30 is
 selling in a refurbished model for $500 US right now, as Nikon is about
 to release a new series of scanners.  The only problem reported in any
 regularity with the Nikon scanners is stepper motor failures and jagged
 edges when using Nikons software.  The advantage is the ICE system which
 does a good job of cleaning up dust, dirt and scratches, which can take
 a lot of time to fix by hand in Photoshop.
 The other two scanners with ICE features are the Minolta Elite (also out
 of the budget) and the new Acer 2740, which is within that budget, but
 still getting some bugs worked out.  All these are SCSI interfaced scanners.
 Also in this price range are the Canon FS 2710 (NOT the FS 2700), also
 SCSI, but lacking the digital ICE dust and scratch cleaner, and the
 Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II, which also doesn't have digital ICE, and
 used the USB interface, but has otherwise been reported to be excellent
 and has had a price drop placing it at about $400 US.  I consider it a
 "best value" in today's current market due to its resolution (over 2800
 dpi) and reasonable dynamic range, motorized feed, and ability to work
 with multi-scan in Vuescan. >>

If the Nikon LS30 price drops (due to newer models) near the range of the
Minolta Scan Dual II or Canon 2710 is it the general consensus of this list
that the LS30 is the better scanner?  And if so, is the reason solely the ICE



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