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Re: filmscanners: Nikon 8000 ED or Polaroid Sprintscan 120 ??

The reduced price of the Polaroid does not include the Sliverfast AI, or 
Binuscan drivers. Both will be included for an additional $500. I did get a 
chance to make a scan with the Polaroid 120 today with Insight 5.0 and felt 
it worked as smoothly as my SS4000. The full size negative scan from a 6x6 
will be around 200 megabytes. Their demo machine only had a two gig hard 
drive so I couldn't save the file, or work with it. Not enough disk space.


In advance of the aggrssively-priced Nikon
>Coolscan 8000 ED, it appears that Polaroid has lopped approx. $1,200 off the
>suggested list price of their Sprintscan 120. It's now priced at $2,795
>rather than the original $3,995. This according to a Polaroid press release
>coming out of PMA.

Larry Berman

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