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Re(2): filmscanners: Primefilm 1800 (was Thoughts on Minolta DimageScan Dual II?

On Sun, 11 Feb 2001 01:11:19 -0800, Arthur Entlich wrote:

>I took a look at the Primefilm and immediately saw the lineage of the 
>Kodak RSF3600.  Other than color differences in the case, it is obvious 
>where the design came from, and perhaps who is making the RFS3600 for Kodak.
>The open end design isn't a bad idea, as it allows for roll feed, and 
>even scanning cine film frames and although I imagine it makes cleaning 
>access simpler, it must also make dust access to the scan area easier.

The RFS 3600 is not an "open end" design -I mean not like the Primefilm
is-. But you are still able to see what you're doing as there is a little
window on the top to let you precisely adjust the film position. So,
cleaning access is still easier, without beeing a dust collector...

Also, I don't know if one can use it to scan cine film frames because the
feeding mechanism seems to use the film perforations to move the film, so
those perforations would have to be similar (same size, same spacing) to
still films; is this the case? But it's easy to scan panoramic 35mm
frames (aprox. 24mm x 58mm), in two steps, and "stich" the parts together
in Photoshop. 

Have a good day!

Raymond Carles


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