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Re: filmscanners: Monitor for Mac under $500?

on 2/10/01 9:34 PM, Raymond Carles at raymond_carles@globetrotter.net wrote:

> On Fri, 9 Feb 2001 18:57:06 -0700, Berry Ives wrote:
>> I'm wondering if I'm overlooking any options for Mac.  So far, I have
>> considered the Apple 17" CRT, which is real cute and has 2 USB ports but
>> expensive at $500 for a 17" (16" viewable).
>> A much better deal would appear to be the NEC Multisync FE950+ 19" for $457
>> including shipping. This has a flat screen and compact depth.
>> Any other recommendations?
>> --Berry
> Berry,
> Those Apple 17" are worth a close look:
> - Flat sceen (verticaly and horizontaly;
> - Compensates for color shift and maintains color calibration (adjust its
> internal electron beam);
> - Two ports USB hub integrated.
> ..and good looking too :-)
> Sure enough, 21" displays are great to use ( I had one for 3 years) but
> two 17" are a much better way to work. And you will often be able to get
> 2 of them for less than the price of a 21"!!
> My advise: get two 17" displays right now if you can; otherwise, get the
> best 17" you can + a cheap 14" and use this one to store your palettes.

I appreciate all the informative comments on this monitor thread.  At least
three people have indicated that working with two monitors is the way to go.
I already have a decent 15" monitor (NEC Multisync XV15), or at least I have
always thought it pretty good.  Image looks better than an imac, although
it's 6 years old.  

They got me a fancy 19" Dell Trinitron at work, and it blows away everything
else on the floor...of course it's a government office in New Mexico!  But I
can see what I'm missing.

So if I was to go with a second monitor, I would still need a new video
card, I think, for my Mac G4 to support both.

Also, does PS 5.0 LE support two monitors, or is it not a function of the
software, but only the video card...?

Still, if an excellent 19" monitor can be had for maybe $100 less than the
cost of the Apple 17"...is Apple the only one with that kind of automated
color calibration? 



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