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Re: filmscanners: SS4000>Vuescan>Grafics Program

John D. writes ...

> When I open a raw file scan from Vuescan in my graphics
> program (Picture Window--color management disabled)
> It has a color profile of sRGB. The crop TIFF file shows
> the color profile as is entered in Vuescan. Both files are 48 bit.

    I opened a "scan000n.tif", just to see how Photoshop6 would handle
it.  PS6 prompts me ... "The image file does not have an embedded
profile ... what to do?"  This is as it should be ... raw RGB data ...
no assumptions (yet!, or maybe a device profile should be embedded,
but this isn't how Vuescan works)  The next assumption would be a
device profile (somewhere) is associated with this scanned image file
... it will define how raw RGB data shall be converted and presented
if another color space is preferred.

    I think it a bit weird that "Picture Window" associates a
non-embedded image with sRGB when CM is disabled.  On the other hand,
it seems most-to-all consumer devices (inexpensive scanners, digital
cameras) associate with sRGB as a de facto standard.  Is "CM disabled"
to be associated with "sRGB"??? ... possibly ... it does allow for
some consistency, without a need to get too involved with CM ... BUT
your monitor still needs to be "characterized".  How does PW work with
your monitor?  What do they say, when the instructions ask you to make
your monitor look like all other monitors in sRGB space??

shAf  :o)

For those that have PS, what does the raw scan open in your graphics


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