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filmscanners: A small Vuescan bug ...

     Vuescan 6.6.3 wasn't embedding the chosen profile in JPEGs
tonight (even with 'profile'=on) which made my efforts a bit of a

    I was using the reduced res option for "scan memory" while I
adjusted parameters for a perfect crop file, while judging the trials
with the JPEG opening into PS6.  The non-embedded JPEG is a small
problem ... the reason I need to see the image in Photoshop is that
the Vuescan "scan" image displays the RGB data which belongs to the
chosen profile.  This of course is much different than the RGB of my
monitor space.  This was confirmed by (PS6) assigning my monitor space
to the transferred crop file ... it was exactly the same as what was
presented by Vuescan's "scan" image.

    Granted I may be in the minority ... I'm scanning into a wide
gamut gamma=1.8 space while my monitor is calibrated to its own
primaries and gamma=2.2.  However, if Ed wanted to take on a challenge
while thinking about version 7, it might be to accomodate the
monitor's RGB space Vuescan uses while writing RGB data to another
very different space.  I can't suggest how ... but in the interim,
fixing the embedded JPEG problem would make things a bit easier

shAf  :o)

shAf  :o)


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