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Re: Future of Photography (was filmscanners: real value?)

on 2/7/01 7:55 PM, austin@darkroom.com at austin@darkroom.com wrote:

> on 2/6/01 11:13 AM, Austin Franklin at austin@darkroom.com wrote:
>>> What do you shoot it at, and what do you develop it at?  I routinely make
>>> 13x19 prints from scanned Plus-X (35mm that is, much less 120), and unless
>>> you take a 6x loupe to the print, you wouldn't see anything looking like
>>> grain.
>> Austin,
>> I forget, what scanner are you using?
>> --Berry
> A Leafscan 45.  5080DPI for 35mm, and 2540 for 6cm wide film.
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Sounds like a nice combination.  Many years ago, I made some 16x20 color
prints on an enlarger from 35mm 100 ISO (ASA then) color film (forget which)
and I could easily see the "grain" or dye clouds.  I made only a couple B&W
prints that size from fine grain 35mm B&W Ilford film--forget whether it was
50 or 100 ISO--and they looked pretty good, grain not an issue unless you
want large format quality.


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