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Re: filmscanners: Re: Scanning problems(photoshop "compression")

Yes, I noticed same thing with photoshop 5.0.  Though I don't remember 
whether it was 24 or 48 bit file.


--- "Brian D. Buck" <bdbuck@bellatlantic.net> wrote:
> On the topic of file compression....Has anyone else noticed that
> Photoshop
> 5.5's compression of 48-bit LZW TIFFs actually makes the file bigger
> than
> the uncompressed version? Not to mention it is achingly slow to open
> them
> up! On my machine it takes about a minute to open a 100MB LZW TIFF
> vs. about
> 10 seconds for an uncompressed TIFF. As such, I pretty much stopped
> using
> LZW compression.
> One interesting thing to note is that Vuescan's 48-bit LZW TIFFs are
> smaller
> than the uncompressed version, so this isn't something inherent to
> 48-bit
> files, just Adobe's way of saving them.
> Question: does anyone know if PS 6.0 does a better job with 48-bit
> TIFFs? Does the new JPEG compression option for TIFFs work with
> 48-bit
> files? That would be nice.
> Brian.

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