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Re: PSP and 48 bit was Re: filmscanners: Re: Scanning problems

> Ah, yes.  I think PSP may also read a 48bit uncompressed
> file?  I'll have to try it.  I'll try raising the issue
> with JASC.

Yes it does (see my message of 13:33 GMT 6Feb).

Ed has now explained why PSP can't read his compressed
 48-bit ones as opposed to Adobe's allegedly compressed but
larger files.

>Yes, I set TIFFTAG_PREDICTOR to 2.  Adobe must have
>forgotten to do this.

So JASC could alter their import routine, but PSP still
wouldn't be able to write a 48-bit image, so there's  not a
lot of point in it. I have quite enough trouble with 24-bit
myself, so I'm happy with PSP7.


Alan T

----- Original Message -----
From: Rob Geraghty <harper@wordweb.com>
To: <filmscanners@halftone.co.uk>
Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2001 11:29 PM
Subject: PSP and 48 bit was Re: filmscanners: Re: Scanning

> Alan wrote:
> >PSP7 will not read the compressed 48-bit tif files from
> >Vuescan, saying "a predictor of 2 is only supported on
> >compression for 8 and 24 bit images."  It's fine for
> >Vuescan compressed or uncompressed tifs.
> Rob
> Rob Geraghty harper@wordweb.com
> http://wordweb.com


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