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RE: Future of Photography (was filmscanners: real value?)

> I know that professional Video CCD cameras use (or at least did... I'm 
> somewhat out of touch today) separate chips for each of the two or three 
> colors (RGB) with some type of beam slipper (some used two and used 
> subtractive math to "figure out" the third, I believe).  That allowed 
> for smaller chips, since each was only responsible for one color, and 
> then they were superimposed upon each other, like color separations. 
> Would this not work for digital stills, or is the resolution so high 
> they couldn't get registration?

The three CCD cameras work quite well provided the optics are designed to
compensate for the extra glass.  When you place a window or beamsplitter in
a converging beam of light, it introduces both chromatic and spherical
aberration.  Either live with the aberrations or design the lens +
beamsplitter to have small aberrations.  


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