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Re: Pigmented inks was Re: filmscanners: SS4000 and LS-2000

Well, firstly, if anything other than the head itself in involved, they 
are required to replace or repair these units.  If a motor burns out, 
logic or other electronics, power supply, switches, or paper drive were 
to fail, that likely would not be ink related.

However, even if it was involving the ink system of the printer, Epson 
may have chosen to be "kind" about these situations.  They recognize 
that the permanent head could be made into a negative selling point, and 
in fact, I have heard this exact argument from some sales people in 
big-box stores.

I imagine Epson wants to "keep the peace" so doesn't make a big issue 
about this, but they would certainly be in their rights to refuse to 
replace or clean heads which were clogged or damaged when used with 
other inks during the warranty period.


Johnny Deadman wrote:

> Interesting to note that many, many piezography users have had printers
> replaced by Epson under warranty despite using pigmented inks and
> retrofitted continuous inking systems -- despite having told Epson what
> they'd done.


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