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RE: filmscanners: [OFF] problem with image brightness

>From what you have written, it is unclear if you are using the same or
different monitors to view the images. If you are using different monitors,
then  might this just be differences in monitors and /or a lack of monitor
calibration between the two.  By setting your gamma at 2.2, you were
calibrating your monitor to that of your friends so they were more or less
similar standardized.  Having calibrated your monitor to a given standard
which is the same as your friend's, you now have a standard basis from which
to make adjustments to the levels and curves for the images to brighten them
up.  After  making the adjustment, the images should display the same and
well on any monitor that use the 2.2 gamma setting which is most PC
monitors.  Those who use the 1.8 gamma setting will probably have to adjust
the brightness and gamma on their monitors to get what is displayed at 2.2
gamma or accept the lighter image display.

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Sent: Monday, January 29, 2001 4:48 AM
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Subject: filmscanners: [OFF] problem with image brightness

Please help me with this problem:
Me (photos) and my friend (HTML) are preparing my Internet photo gallery.
The problem is that the photos I've prepared in Photoshop 4.0 are prefect on
my screen, but when I view them through Internet Explorer 5.0 they appear
much darker. They also appear darker in applications like ACDSee and
ThumbsPlus. What can it be? All other peoples' web pages look ok in my IE
5.0. I also haven't had any problems with pictures I made with Photoshop.
I have to find the solution today as my web pages are already very delayed.I
was told that I should change the gamma value of the monitor within
Photoshop (currently I have 1.8, changed for a while to 2.2 and then the
pictures looked equally dark as in IE 5.0.)

Tomasz Zakrzewski


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