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Re: filmscanners: Response from Nikon USA on jaggies

Julian wrote:
> I tend to agree with Rob re a combined input, but I am not
> really sure we have the numbers.  It seems many people
> either don't have the problem, or don't know they have it,
> or it is in fact so variable that we are unsure.  It is
> very perplexing in its variation, the only thing that I
> am sure of is that it IS a problem, and Nikon SHOULD be
> doing something about it.  The fact that it can be fixed
> (Vuescan) says it all.

OK, let me make a request - could everyone who has a Nikon
scanner on any platform who has seen or experienced jaggies
please email me and let me know what scanner you were using,
and if possible what scanner BIOS version and Nikonscan
version (2.0? 2.5? 2.51?).  You can get the BIOS version of
the scanner on a PC by opening the SYSTEM applet in the
Control panel, find the Nikon scanner in the Device list,
right click and select properties.  My LS30 is BIOS version
1.31 with Nikonscan 2.51.  Please also let me know if you
are using a PC or a Mac.

*Please email me directly - harper@wordweb.com - NOT the list*

> The Digital Ice/Clean Image is useful for dealing with
> scratched or damaged slides. Is it necessary that you
> use it all the time for your scanning? What the software
> is doing is detecting faults where there are none and,
> in trying to fix them, introducing the jaggies.

Rubbish.  Jaggies occur on my computer regardless of
whether ICE is on or off.  Besides, if ICE can cause
jaggies, isn't that a major fault that should be fixed?
Why shouldn't the user expect to be able to leave it on?
ICE is actually the only real reason I want to be able
to use Nikonscan - otherwise I would be happy with
Vuescan.  Nikonscan's interface does make it easier
to get a "tuned" image out of the data but in a lot
of cases it's better to use PSP or Photoshop to do
the tuning anyway.  ICE however, can save *hours*
of spotting and editing if a film is dusty or

> Does the setting for Clean Image make a difference in
> the severity of the jaggies?

Not for me.

>To be honest with you, I first became aware of the problem by
>reading about it in the late, and much lamented, forum at
>www.nikontechusa.com. However, I have not had any inquiries about the
>problem for some time.

Probably because the forum was shut down, so nobody felt
they were getting any support, and Nikon gives no indication
of intentions to fix it.

> Finally, if you are scanning black and white film,
> you should not use it all.

*IF* the film is non-chromogenic.  ICE works fine with XP2
or T400CN.  But it certainly won't work with traditional
silver based B&W films.


Rob Geraghty harper@wordweb.com


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