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RE: filmscanners: Scratched Negs & Home C-41 processing

On Tuesday, January 23, Eli Bowen wrote:
> When it is so cheap to get color film developed by a lab (even a top
> quality professional lab) it seems hard to justify the trouble and
> expense of C-41 or E-6 processing at home,

Sometimes things that seem hard really aren't so hard. <grin> I've had
little difficulty justifying the trouble (minor) and expense (no additional)
myself. The fact that I can process a roll at 2AM if I want to, and often
have, is enough reason for me. I've also learned an awful lot by going
through the process, and that's the highest possible value for me.

Like I said before, I'm not telling any others that they should be
processing their own color film. I just get a little bugged when others
try to tell me that I shouldn't be doing it.

> especially if a
> formaldehyde-based stabilizer is used. Formaldehyde is a known
> carcinogen with other bad health effects even at relatively low exposure
> levels. 

I appreciate the health warning. As I mentioned in a previous message,
Kodak is phasing out their C-41 stabilizer in favor of a final rinse for the
4th bath. I'm not sure about the other brands.

Best wishes,

Tim Victor


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