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Re: Pigmented inks was Re: filmscanners: SS4000 and LS-2000 real value?


You do not void your warranty by using third party inks in an
Epson.  If you need to return the printer for servicing, just remove
the CIS and re-install the Epson cartridges.  See the Inkjetmall web
site (Cone Peizography, eg) for a discussion of this.  We have been
back and forth on that issue on the Peizo list...Repeat: You do not
void the warranty!


Rob Geraghty wrote:
> "Hersch Nitikman" <hersch@silcom.com> wrote:
> > What about the 860/1160 with 3rd party archival inks? Aren't they much
> less
> > costly than the 2000P? Or, what am I missing?
> Rob wrote:
> >> AFAIK the 2000P is the *only* printer Epson make with OEM pigment
> >> based inks
> Note "OEM" above.  Yes, you can get 3rd party archival inks.  You also
> void your warranty if you use them.
> Obscanning (kinda): has anyone tried printing a 2700dpi scan to an A3
> page with an Epson 1160?  Did it look OK?
> Rob


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