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Re: filmscanners: SS4000 and LS-2000 real value?

Tony Sleep wrote

> I've done B&W using Pol4000->Epson 1200 and the results
are very good, very
> close in sharpness and tonal terms to what I can achieve
via enlarger using a
> Componon lens. However standard 1200 inks aren't achival,
and print colour
> varies wildly according to illuminant colour, along with
some entertaining
> split-tone effects. I'm told the Jone Cone monochrome
inksets and profiles from
> www.inkjetmall.com address these well on the 4-colour
printers, and that 6
> colour versions are imminent. However the 1200 is
obsolete, and the replacement
> 1270 has been nobbled by Epson's proprietary chip in the

Tony, Jon Cone's PiezographyBW6 IS already available for the
Epson 1200. The 6-tone inkset is supplied only in prefilled
cartridges, so a continuous ink supply system is not an
option. According to reports on the Piezography mailing list
this Epson 1200 setup works well, but no better than a
4-tone printer like the Epson 1160 (for which CIS is an

Peter Marquis-Kyle


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