What is it

libparanoia is a library which wraps calls to insecure functions to functions with the same semantic, names and functionality, with only one difference from original ones: new functions prevents stack frames corruption - that functionality i need to prevent possible stack overflows and return-into-libc attacks. There are also a little script to add these functionality to libc.

The functions which considered insecure is:

but that list can be extended.


get the tarball with sources ( see Availablility section)
If you need just standalone library ( called libparanoia ) you need just to type make ; make install
If you want to add that functionality to libc you can use ./copy-to-libc to copy patched files to libc sources ( i did not create a patches to all libc versions.. this script is smart enough to work with about any FreeBSD libc ( tested 2.1.0-2.2.8, 3.0) ). You can configure some functionality editing this script. After that, follow the script instructions.


written to FreeBSD, but can be easily ported to any x86 unix ( it depends on x86 stack organisation and assembler ). Porting to non-x86 platforms may be not so trivial.


available from ftp://ftp.lexa.ru/pub/domestic/snar/ with BSD-style license.


Oleg Panaschenko for original idea.


Alexandre Snarskii <snar@paranoia.ru>