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[security-alerts] К вопросу о компетентности милиции/полиции


>  --Spokane Police Err in Cyberstalking Case
> (February 19 & 23, 2007)
> Police in Spokane, Washington admit they initially bungled a
> cyberstalking investigation when they misinterpreted computer 
> data.  The
> detectives were provided with a list of computers that had 
> been assigned
> an IP address associated with threats made against an area family. The
> police arrested a man whose name appeared on the list; they failed to
> notice that the IP address in question had been assigned to 
> his computer
> long before the cyber threats occurred, but was no longer assigned to
> his computer.  The man was released within 24 hours after police
> realized the threats were continuing even while he was in custody and
> had no access to a computer.  The police later arrested a 13-year-old
> girl who it suspects had been making the threats against her 
> own family.
> http://www.columbian.com/news/state/APStories/AP02232007news107824.cfm
> http://www.kxly.com/news/?story_id=8628&view=text
> [Editor's Note (Honan): This story demonstrates that handling and
> interpreting computer evidence is a highly specialised skill which if
> bungled could end up with your organisation facing a civil or legal
> case.  If you do not have these skills in-house then as part of your
> incident response plan make sure you have put in place an 
> agreement with
> a third party who can supply those skills to you.]


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