runetworks - small toolset for RIPE IP-address db processing

Download: ftp://ftp.lexa.ru/pub/domestic/lexa/

Selects network records with country = RU || SU (stdin-stdout filter)
processes 'select.pl' output and writes /24 networks (filter again)
auto-summary for canonize.pl output (filter)
all tools in one pipe
small testing routine, test addresses given at stdin against supernet list given as command-line argument (one A.B.C.D/NN per line)
All tools written in Perl5.

auto-sum.pl uses Bit::Vector CPAN routine for bit manipulation These routines are _NOT_ optimized for speed because initial speed was enough:
process_ripe script tooks about 23 sec of CPU time for processing entire RIPE db and select all RU/SU records on my home Celeron/350.
nettest.pl speed on same data (about 12500 /24 blocks in 194 supernets) is about 1000 IP-addresses checks per second on same machine.

This software package is provided 'AS IS' without any support.


Copyright © Lexa Software, 1996-2009.