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[inet-admins] ????? ??????? ??? xTrafShow


Требуются толковые идеологи и тестеры для нового софта по анализу потоков
трафика, пока изготовлен пакет только под дебиан линукс, его можно сразу
и взять вот тут -- ftp://ftp.nsk.su/pub/RinetSoft/xtrafshow-0.9.5.deb
Идеи, корки и пр. можно слать на мой e-mail.

Package: xtrafshow
Version: 0.9.5
Section: net
Priority: extra
Architecture: i386
Depends: libqt3c102-mt (>= 3.3.2), libpcap0.8 (>= 0.8.3), gksu
Maintainer: Vladimir Vorobyev <bob@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Description: Live-show of network traffic in amazing GUI using Qt/X11
 xTrafShow is a handiest tool for real-time presentation of
 Network Traffic Flows and Bandwidth Consumption. It gather
 network traffic through system packet capture driver, and
 listen at UDP Port 9995 for Cisco Netflow sequence.
 The xTrafShow Application Architecture has been specially designed
 to handle a lot of traffic capture sources with the huge amount of
 exported network flows. There are no such network throughput which
 contents could not be displayed.
 The application is the simple Network Flow Analyzer and easy SNMP
 Browser. Not a packets sniffer, nor remote device manager!

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