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Cisco IOS filenames coding

Subj... For 2500 routers
Feture Set		DOS-name	Unix-name
IP			80135403	c2500-i-l
IP Plus			80135503	c2500-is-l
Remote Access Server	80146001	C2500-c-l
IP Plus 40		8135603		C2500-is40-l
IP Plus 56		80135703	C2500-is56-l
IP/IPX/AT/DEC		80135003	C2500-d-l
IP/IPX/AT/DEC Plus	80135103	C2500-ds-l
IP/IPX/AT/DEC Plus 40	80135203	C2500-ds40-l
IP/IPX/AT/DEC Plus 56	80135303	C2500-ds56-l
Enterprise		80135803	C2500-j-l
Enterprise Plus		80135903	C2500-js-l
Enterprise Plus 40	80136003	C2500-js40-l
Enterprise Plus 56	80136103	C2500-js56-l
Entered from Cisco document _literally_ (with all their typos ;).

To: Mike Bravo
Could you explain the difference between simple and Plus versions,
as well as Plus 40 and Plus 56 ones?

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East Connection ISP, Moscow, Russia. (http://www.east.ru)

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