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[apache-talk] mod_perl 1.16 + CGI + linux

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----- Forwarded message from List subscriber <listuser@geol.msu.ru> -----
From: "Michael McLagan" <Michael.McLagan@linux.org>
To: "Ask Bjoern Hansen" <ask@netcetera.dk>,
        "Daniel S. Riley" <dsr@mail.lns.cornell.edu>
Cc: "modperl@apache.org" <modperl@apache.org>

On 13 Oct 1998 09:20:01 -0400, Daniel S. Riley wrote:

>As another data point, I had the same problem.  Digital Unix 4.0d,
>Apache 1.3.3, mod_perl 1.16, mod_ssl 2.0.13-1.3.3.  With mod_perl
>built as a DSO, normal CGI scripts failed with "premature end of
>script headers" and Apache::Registry scripts showed as source code.
>I rebuilt apache with mod_perl linked in, not as a DSO, and the
>problem went away, so I suspect a DSO problem with 1.16.

That goes away if you put <Perl> </Perl> into your httpd.conf file
before you reference any of the handlers.

>I had trouble even getting to that point.  We have perl built as a
>shared library, and it took some fiddling to get the right libperl.so
>loaded at the right places--having both the perl and mod_perl shared
>libraries named libperl.so was a real headache.  Building the mod_perl
>shared library with a different name didn't make the problem go away,
>so I don't that was the source of the cgi problems.

1.16 built as mod_perl.so here, and I don't have a libperl here to
get in the way of this.

   Michael McLagan
   Linux Online

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