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[filmscanners] Re: Epson Perfection V750-M Pro Scanner,

I have an Epson 1600, that's older than my Polaroid 120 and Epson has
provided 64-bit twain drivers for it.  But you're right, the 120 will
have to stay with a 32-bit XP machine.


> Yes; but you are talking about a relatively new USB based scanner and Vista
> X64.  It is quite possible that this newer model scanner uses either third
> party drivers developed by people like Ed Hemrick or has Epson developed WMA
> drivers which are designed for Vista X32 and X64 bit versions.  Being USB
> based and not SCSI based peripherals, you probably did not need to use an
> ASPI layer to get the OSD to recognize the hardware device as was the case
> with SCSI based scanners of old.  There is a difference between drivers
> which enable software applications to work a peripheral device and such
> things as software code such as ASPI layers which enable the OS to recognize
> the existence of the physical device; the two are not the same.
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> From: filmscanners_owner@halftone.co.uk
> [mailto:filmscanners_owner@halftone.co.uk] On Behalf Of
> caryenochr@enochsvision.com
> Sent: Saturday, June 13, 2009 4:03 PM
> To: laurie@advancenet.net
> Subject: [filmscanners] Re: Epson Perfection V750-M Pro Scanner,
> I didn't have to do anything to get my new Epson V500 scanner to work in
> Vista-x64. I used
> the installation CD and then immediately installed the 64-bit updates that I
> downloaded
> from the Epson support pages. Then I turned the scanner on. Windows made the
> low beep that
> it does when it recognizes any USB device and that was it. The scanner works
> perfectly in
> Vuescan Prof. It was recognized immediately.
> Environment: Vista Ultimate-x64/SP2, 8 GB RAM.
> I went ahead and bought Silverfast Ai Studio for it for a variety of reasons
> mostly
> related to the difficult faded originals. They're very old filmstrips of
> great historical
> value that I'm restoring. Silverfast isn't as easy to use as Vuescan but I
> felt the more
> finely tuned results justified the high price. Btw, Silverfast had no
> problems recognizing
> the scanner either. That's because Lasersoft customizes each version for a
> specific
> scanner. Vuescan should drive virtually any scanner right out of the box.
> It's amazing.
> I made sample scans on a friend's V750 and could not discern any difference
> in quality
> between those scans and the ones on the V500 -- and I am very picky. The
> optics are
> probably better on the V750 though. Don't bother with the Epson OEM
> software. Either
> Vuescan or Silverfast are greatly superior. Your choice.
> On 13-Jun-09 15:43:44, LAURIE SOLOMON (laurie@advancenet.net) wrote:
>> SCSI is the hardware connection; there are no twain drivers for 64 bit OS.
>> You need the ASPI layer with SCSI for any Windows OS (32 or 64 bit) to
>> recognize the scanner as a hardware device ( I do not know about USB
>> connected scanners); but this is different from getting the scanner to
>> work which is different from getting the OS to recognize the hardware and
>> requires device drivers.  The traditional scanner and scanner drivers
>> were and are proprietary software connected twain drivers, which are only
> 32
>> bit and will not work with 64 bit OSs.  Ed Hamrick by passes the twain
>> driver and has written his own drivers for scanners; they may be 64 bit
> capable.
>> -----Original Message-----
>> On Behalf Of lists@lazygranch.com
>> Ed Hamrick.would know the OS/software issues.
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> Blog: http://www.enochsvision.net  -  "Behind all these manifestations is
> the one radiance, which shines through all things. The function of art is
> to reveal this radiance through the created object."  (Joseph Campbell)
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