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[filmscanners] Re: Advice on scanner settings

I avoid Maxtor as well. I don't see how a company can hav
e for a motto "We used to suck." I think they run a 3 yea
r warranty. Seagate is tops in the industry at 5 years.
I can't recall a single acquaintance using Samsung drives
, so I have no history with them. I have my reasons not t
o like Seagate, but none are due to drive quality. They a
re local and I've been involved with their designers and
execs, and I can tell you they take no prisoners and walk
 the line on legality. I logged more hours in their cafet
eria waiting for meetings than in actual meetings. 

anically, it is hard to find quieter bearings than a Seag
ate uses.
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From: Tony Sleep
ender: filmscanners_owner@halftone.co.uk
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ilmscanners] Re: Advice on scanner settings
Sent: Feb 26,
 2009 8:18 AM

On 26/02/2009 gary wrote:
> I'd like to po
int out that I never had a Seagate product fail. Of
> cou
rse, that could be luck.

Of course it is :)

I have 17 H
DD in active use at present, 11 of which are Samsung. I'd
they had the lowest RMA rate in the industry and w
as bored with replacing
cooked-off Maxtors, WD's, Seagate
s, Toshiba and IBM/Hitachi.

Samsung was the only brand I
'd not had fail prematurely, except I had 1
recent 1TB SA
TA DOA and then 1 300GB IDE warranty replaced after almos
t no

I think they're all much the same, except Maxt
or, which I won't buy
anymore even if Seagate do own them
 now, they have definite heat/quality
issues. Oh, and I'v
e never really forgiven IBM/Hitachi for the Deathstar
mware disaster, to which I lost 4 disks.

> http://www.ca
Great idea for office stuff, these services,
 but over DSL a multi-GB
photosession is going to take da
ys to backup, and I have no idea how many
years it would
take to restore the accumulated ~900GB archive.


Tony Sleep

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