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[filmscanners] Re: Canon 5200F and 8400F

I don't think there is an Elite 5400 II.  Maybe you mean the Elite II?


You are correct. It was a typo. I apologize for the confusion.


on 11/16/04 3:37 PM, jphipps@kodak.com at jphipps@kodak.com wrote:

> While the Plustek has a very cheap price, it DOES NOT have infrared 
> correction. I have not used the software version of dust and scratch
> removal that comes with this scanner, but I doubt it works as well as
> infrared.
> While infrared surface defect correction is critical, the unique way
> Digital ICE repairs the defects is super critical. It doesn't do a 
> but actually "looks through" a surface defect to repair it. I don't know
> if the Canon Fare does this.
> I can't recommend a particular scanner but here is a list of scanners 
> infrared Digital ICE:
> Benq's ScanWit 2740S
> Epson Perfection 4870, 4990
> Minolta's Dimâge Scan Elite, Multi, Multi Pro, Elite 5400 and the Elite
> 5400 II
> Microtek  i410 and the i700
> Nikon's Coolscan V ED, Super Coolscan® 5000 ED and Super Coolscan® 
9000 ED
> incorporate DIGITAL ICE Technology as a component of the DIGITAL ICE4
> (Quad) suite 
> Nikon's Coolscan III and Super Coolscan® 2000
> Nikon's Coolscan IV ED, Super Coolscan® 4000 ED and Super Coolscan® 
> ED incorporate DIGITAL ICE Technology as a component of the DIGITAL ICE3
> Technology suite 
> Umax Powerlook 270
> Durst's Sigma professional film scanner
> Kodak's HR 500, 1640 and 1640 Pro
> Pakon F235 
> PIE's PF 3600, PF3560u and PF3650 Pro3 with DIGITAL ICE3 Technology
> Umax Powerlook 270
> Noritsu's QSS-2711, QSS-2721, QSS-2801, QSS-2802, QSS-3001 and QSS-2901
> Gretag's Master Flex D 1008
> AGFA's d-lab.3 
> Konica RS-1 
> Kodak 1640, 1640 Pro
> There may be some other Digital ICE enabled scanners manufactured by 
> of the companies above or similar models sold outside the US.
> Some of these scanners should be in your budget if not new then 
> used.
> Good luck scanning!
> Jack Phipps
> Kodak's Austin Development Center
> Formerly, Applied Science Fiction
> Developers of Digital ICE, Digital ROC, Digital SHO, Digital GEM, 
> GEM Airbrush

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