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[filmscanners] Re: Software dust removal

on 11/9/04 2:46 AM, Chris Aitken at chris@ion-dreams.com wrote:

> Hi All,
> Further to my previous messages I have obtained a Scan Dual I on trial. I
> have tried it with the Vuescan trial version (and also the Minolta drivers -
> so this must be a later model that works on XP).
> Although my negatives were clean and visually dist free, there must be a
> fair amount of dust in my camera & lenses. Also the scanner may have been
> dusty, as the scanned imaged (done at max resolution ~ 2400 ppi) appeared to
> have dust & scratches.
> Firstly: What can I do to prevent dust entering the scanner? Should I be
> turning it on a while before using it?
> Secondly: Software dust removal? I have tried the AKVIS retoucher, and
> wasn't to impressed. I have also tried Polaroid's DSR, which I like,
> although I found the standalone app better than the photoshop plugin. This
> was based on something that would sort out an entire scan, without having to
> highlight each individual piece of dust/artefacts (the polaroid did a very
> good job of doing this).
> Can anyone recommend other apps, and where to get them (The DSR apparently
> is not available in europe!).
> Cheers
> Chris
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Just a couple of comments:

Dust is a huge headache, especially here in dry New Mexico.  I have scanned
what look like pretty clean negatives and discovered hundreds of dust
particles visible in the scanned image.

I would say try to keep a pretty clean work area, which has been a real
challenge for me.  A very good thing to have is Dust-Off, or preferably one
of the cheaper brands of compressed air you can buy at a photo shop for
about $6.  Use it to blast the dust off your negs.  Hold the neg up at an
angle to light to see the reflection just so to highlight any dust.

I also use compressed air occasionally to clear dust out of my scanner,
taking care not to abuse or freeze any delicate parts.  I give it about 5+
seconds of low pressure, inserting the air tube a couple inches into the
scanner door.

The dust in your camera can cause scratches on the film, but it is not the
source of dust on your negatives.  That happens after processing, either in
the lab or more likely after you pull them out at home.  You can also use
the Dust Off to clean your camera.  They make smaller cans that take up less
room if you want to carry it in your camera bag for when you change film in
the field.

Did you really get a Scan Dual I?  You can get a new IV for $250 - $270 on
the web.


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