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[filmscanners] Re: Blue gray random pattern???

You didn't mention what he is scanning... transmissive or reflective.

If he is scanning something like a satin finish semi-glossy photo, I
have seen some scanners pick up "sparkles" or dots or shadows with
certain irregular surfaces. It does look like noise.  Also, does he have
the scanner software applying any type of sharpness?

I suspect this is something about either the surface of the paper he is
scanning or something in the way the software has been set.

Also, have you seen the file, or only the printer output?  The
translation of certain types of "noisy" anomalies like this often appear
quite differently in the file on screen than when they appear on a print
(I do understand it shows up on both).


Brad Davis wrote:

> Not Moir, that I  would recognize.  A random dot pattern.
> I just went into Photoshop, opened a "new" doc, made the resolution 300 ppi,
> and used the filter "add noise" at 18%, monochromatic, then used variations
> with the step set to fine and added one step of blue and one of cyan and got
> something that looks much like the sample he gave me.  A very fine light
> texturing of the paper with a cold blue-gray (with some green in it
> obviously).
> I will suggest that he try VueScan, but my sense of this is that since all
> programs have to use XP's driver ultimately, it won't make any difference.
> He's already tried three different scanners (all different models).  The
> problem is that the user software talks to the "virtual machine" which is
> XP.  As I write this I am thinking  I am going to suggest that he reinstall
> XP.
> Thanks for the suggestions, I'll get him to try them anyway, one never knows
> in trouble shooting something like this.
> Brad
>>It's not moire, is it?  What is he scanning?
>>Have him try a different scanning program - free trial of Vuescan.  He can
>>perhaps narrow it down to a hardware vs. a software problem.

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