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[filmscanners] Re: Revive this list?!


Were it up to me, and it isn't, so this is just a preference, I would have
it cover digital photography from acquisition to printing.
We don't have to duplicate Phil Askey, but I would love to know what actual
experience is with different digital cameras - is the canon Mark II really
that good, on one hand.  At the other end, is there a realistic alternative
to Epson 2200 or 4000?  What if one is willing to give up a little, then is
there something (I doubt it, but...).

 I read statements that there are software packages that are superior -
especially faster - than Photoshop, really?

How about just "Digital Imaging"? Or "Digital Imaging Techniques"?  Perhaps
to broad, but many of the discussions here were that broad just 6 months

But I want to remember that this list belongs to Tony, and he has done a
superior job of maintaining it.  He has to be willing to have this change
take place.  If it is done well, it is conceivable that the list will
mushroom and while I am willing to help in any way, I am in California...

People who handle lists, like this one, well, are not common. I've been on
and left other lists, they become time consuming without informing.  The
only other one I've stayed with is the Yahoo Yamaha FJ list.  It too is well
maintained and has drawn some real gurus - that is what makes it work.

Laurie, you are one of the gurus here, and I hope that the rest of them -
there must be nearly a dozen real experts in various areas, including actual
practice - are still around.

What do  you think?  Can it be done and be useful?  I think so, but
ultimately, I am not the one doing it.

-- Brad

> "Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving
> safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in
> broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly
> proclaiming ... wow, what a ride!"  F.French

On 8/9/04 15:28, "Laurie Solomon" <laurie@advancenet.net> wrote:

 Maybe, the name of the group should be changed to Image Capturing and
> Digitalization Techniques. :-)
> filmscanners_owner@halftone.co.uk wrote:
>> I, for one, would hate to see this list go by the wayside.  It has
>> helped me make choices in a evolution of scanners and, as far as I
>> know, scanners are still improving.  Many of the members on this
>> list, and they're too numerous to name, have been of invaluable
>> assistance to me.
>> I agree with Brad in that widening the the topic to be inclusive to
>> digital photography.  While I now use a digital camera regularly, I
>> still shoot medium format film and all the image printing and
>> distribution is in digital form.  Other lists that are peculiar to a
>> manufacturer are very limited in information and narrow in scope.
>> Filmscanners has been by far the best information source I have found.
>> I even ran across an old Bush & Millimaki customer who also lives in
>> my home town of Huntsville, Alabama.
>> I know that quite literally thousands of individuals have been
>> informed and assisted from this list.  I will do all I can to help
>> revive this list, Tony, from my area - just say the word.
>> Please, keep up the good work,
>> Jim Sims
>> Brad Davis wrote:
>>> Tony,
>>> First, below is a note from Ed Lusby.  I don't know what to make of
>>> his difficulties communicating, but I thought sending it along to
>>> you might be useful.
>>> Below Ed's note is something I wrote to John Mahany after he so
>>> kindly sent me the info re: cleaning an SS4000.  I hate to see this
>>> list die, it has been too good to just let it disappear - especially
>>> when much of the expertise that is here (o0r was here) applies all
>>> along the process of digital photography.  Other lists that are
>>> supposed to deal with various topics are usually too limited -
>>> either to a certain manufacturer, or software vendor, or the
>>> material they deal with lacks the depth that I know I need.  The
>>> people here are the only ones I've found that consistently know the
>>> answers, and more.  Laurie seems to be a treasure in himself, and
>>> there are several others who are as good and in some cases better.
>>> My suggestion is to widen the topic and then try to revive the list.
>>> I would be willing to help by shilling for the list on other venues.
>>> Hope we can keep it going.
>>> Brad
>>> Hi Brad,
>>> I haven't been able to post to filmscanners recently because my
>>> return email address was refused. There is nothing wrong with the
>>> return address, so I'm not sure what the problem is. I've also tried
>>> to contact Tony Sleep (the "owner" of filmscanners) but that message
>>> is also returned. Would you please forward this to filmscanners for
>>> me? Thanks.
>>> I share your concerns about the group, Brad, and I certainly agree
>>> that the expertise here is unparalleled. I have been astounded at
>>> the responses from the experts on the list regarding the amount of
>>> time that these people have taken to help others. I believe that is
>>> part of the problem, however. Sooner or later you just can't keep
>>> doing it. New blood needs to take over, but it takes years to learn
>>> what the professionals on this list know.
>>> Widening the scope of filmscanners is not a bad idea, but that is up
>>> to Tony Sleep. I really miss the Epson inkjet group and would like
>>> that area added as well. I'd like to hear from Tony concerning his
>>> view of filmscanners and what he would like to do with it.
>>> Ed
>>> I wish we could rejuvenate the list, I learned more here as relates
>>> to all aspects of digital imaging including Photoshop processing and
>>> printing than I have found anywhere.  The level of intelligence here
>>> has been several orders of magnitude above any other imaging list
>>> Ive been on.
>>> Perhaps if the list were generalized to digital image creation,
>>> letting it grow to include discussions of various software  from
>>> Lasersoft and Vuescan through various programs like PS (I saw a note
>>> elsewhere that asserted that a Lasersoft product is better than PS 
>>> I think that was what was claimed) through specific printing
>>> programs.
>>> There is too much knowledge represented by Laurie, Art, David
>>> Littleboy and many others (I even come up with some useful stuff now
>>> and then) to just let it go.  I know that other lists exist, but the
>>> chaff is often so thick, and the wheat so sparse that I despair.
>>> That wasnt true here, even when the arguments re: dMax and # of
>>> bytes were going on.  Even discussions of equipment I will never own
>>> (probably), like the Minolta scanners, were useful.
>>> Is something like this worth proposing further? Or am I missing
>>> something and it would be best to just let Scanners die? It is my
>>> hope that by talking with a few folks, I might refine my idea and
>>> have a better chance of selling to whoever (I dont even know who
>>> runs this list  I can be oblivious on occasion).
>>> Who should this suggestion go to, and how might it be modified to
>>> improve its chances of succeeding, first in being tried, and second
>>> in practice?
>>> If you think this useful to post to  the list, please feel free to
>>> do so with any modifications you think are useful.  My goal is to
>>> find a way to get this going again, Im aware that I would feel the
>>> loss of a tremendous resource if this list went away..
>>> Thanks again for the info re: Polaroid.  Ive observed the cut off
>>> on the left of the histogram has been creeping up  but Ive never
>>> cleaned the unit and Ive had it at least 5 years.  Ive also had
>>> other difficulties in separating highlights that appeared separable
>>> on the negative.  I can imagine how dirt could affect that too.
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