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[filmscanners] Re: Minolta 5400 & Photoshop CS: best way toscan

I think you just need to plunge in and try various things. Everyone has
different ideas about fastest, best, etc. Personally, I can't stand the
Minolta software, won't pay $400 for silverfast for each scanner, so that
leaves Vuescan. Vuescan is a great program, but not without its quirks. It
has a rather large database of color negative films for profiling purposes,
but some recent films aren't included. However, I used the generic profile
with very good results on the 5400 with color negative film. Personally, I
can't imagine doing raw scans with color negative film, because you get a
color negative image back, of course.  I'm sure there are purists out there
who like to do this, however.

I would dismiss any notion of "fastest" when using the 5400. It is a very
slow machine. With the Minolta software and grain dissolver, it can take 7
min. per scan!! And I have a fast computer. You have to use digital ice
when you select grain dissolver with the Minolta software; with Vuescan,
you can select these independently, a big advantage. Without the grain
dissolver, the light source is extremely harsh, and fine scratches look
like the Grand Canyon.  So you will have to determine if you can scan
without the grain dissolver.


At 01:46 AM 8/18/2004, you wrote:
>Ok, my head is swimming here. I've read elsewhere that the Minolta 1.1.5
>software (actually, any software, silverfast and vuescan too) just modifies
>the scan at the software level, not the hardware level. I'm talking about
>'exposure compensation' tab and 'image correction tab.'
>Also, for background, I'm a very competent Photoshop user, and I don't have
>a problem modifying the scan with PS levels, curves, hue, etc. I'm a newbie
>at scanning. So, my question to you guys is what is the best way (fastest,
>highest quality file) to use the 5400, especially with color neg:
>- scan in 16 bit color neg, or
>- scan in 16 bit linear color neg, or
>- scan in as color positive, either 16 bit or 16 bit linear
>- And what about black and white film?
>- Will either of the two commercial scanning software packages (silverfast
>or vuescan) give me better results if you look at my premise?
>I just can't seem to find the resources anywhere for these questions. Will
>the resultant file be a sort of 'digital neg' in the same fashion a RAW file
>is for digital cameras?
>I figure since PS CS can manipulate 16 bit files, it's faster and easier for
>me to adjust things like color balance, leves, etc in PS rather than dither
>away my time in whatever scanning software I'm using.
>-David Ray Carson
>web: http://www.davidraycarson.com/
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